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 No Hourly Rates​ 

Giving Seniors something to dance about 

Save on Cost

Our mission has always been finding a way that will allow seniors to afford the highest quality of care, without the stronghold of high hourly rates, fees, and up-charges. We made this possible.  Watch as you see your home care cost drop and the quality of care and the quality of life improve by 100%. Remember the more hours you need, the more you save on cost.

Low Hourly Rates Plan 1

 No other home care agency has hourly rates as low as Angels of Compassion Home Care.  Our hourly rates are set for the comfort and convenience of seniors. Why pay more by the hour and receive less time, poor quality of care, and a financial burden that is not necessary? Why, when you can pay less, save money, receive better quality of care, an improvement on the quality of life, peace of mind and reassurance. 

Assisting you with choosing your rate Plan 2

 In order to assist and provide a service that will save seniors on home care cost, Angels of Compassion has made their hourly rates a fit to the common family budget.  Angels of Compassion will like to offer seniors, loved ones, and family members an opportunity to experience our flexible hourly rates.  Our flexible rates will allow us to work with some families' budgets without sacrificing their loved one's quality of care, independence, dignity and quality of life.  This gives a family a different approach to finding the right care for the right price.