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All nannies will be subjected to an investigation which will include a BCI background Check, drug screening, Sex offender check, child abuse check, domestic violence check, driver record check, domestic violence check, and elderly abuse check, To increase the safety of your  child, Angels of Compassion will be placing up to 3 disguised nanny cams, unknown to childcare provider. These nanny cams will allow families to view, hear and record the care that is being provided to their child from the convenience of their smartphone at any time and anywhere in the U.S.  Angels of Compassion takes your loved one's security, protection, and wellbeing seriously. Let's put an end to child abuse before it gets started. All services will be provided and set up by Angels of Compassion. 
Pop visits are optional but make a good complete fit with the nanny cams when it comes to the safety of your child and property. The service allows us to visit your home unannounced to the nanny while you're at work or away. This will be done at any time at your request and any number of times you request it. This will be considered a Kids Well Check which fees will remain the same.
Every family will be provided with our services that sells top of the line brick house hidden nanny cams. The nanny cams will be placed in the home at unknown locations to the nanny. Families will now have the capability to view and hear the care that is being provided to their child by the convenience of their smartphone or lab top. We understand that little ones can't speak for themselves and mom and dad can't always be there, but the nanny cam can and will tell all.  We strive in providing you and your child safety, protection, care, love, mercy, compassion and peace of mind. All in Jesus Holy name for your child and family.  



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