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Plan 2

Angels of Compassion provides seniors with a real feeling of one-on-one care. The feeling of trust, security, reassurance, and companionship is very important to many seniors and their families. We are striving to provide families with those things without the financial burden and hardship  that is why we came up with Plan 2. A private duity caregiver is part of our Plan 2  long-term home care plan. Different from Plan 1, Plan 2 provides the family with total control of caregivers hours, days, qualifications and hourly rate.  By removing ourselves from the equation and by allowing the family to employ the caregiver this allows seniors and their families to reduce as much as 45% of home care cost, saving hundreds of dollars. This also eliminates high hourly rates. Families can now negotiate hourly rates that are affordable to them, not whats affordable to the agency. This plan also provides stability with your caregiver, which provides a better quality of care and an improvement in the quality of life for your loved one.   To see how much you can save and how this can work for you call us. 
PLAN 2 is a long-term home care plan that allows the family to employ a private duty caregiver through Angels of Compassion with the acceptance of terms, and conditions set by set by Angels of Compassion Home Care LLC.  This plan allows families and the caregiver to work as contractors eliminating miscommunications, high home care rates, yearly up charges and home care agency obligations, saving the family hundreds of dollars in home care cost. Our goal is to reduce your cost but incest your care. By working together we can help keep your mom or dad at home without incresting your financial burdens.   

Some of the benefits of having a private duty caregiver:

Travel with client


Grocery shopping

Monitor health and wellness


One-on-one care

Less likely to call off

Less miscommunication

Better quality of care

Well seasoned in patient/elder care
Personalized care




Modified care to fit your needs

No need to be ill for service

2yrs or more experienced

Caregiver employed by family only

Family sets hourly rates.

Family sets days and hours needed


  The main benefit of plan 2 is not just the fact that seniors and their family members are receiving care from a private duty care. It's the fact that seniors and their family members are given the opportunity to set their own hourly rates, according to policy. This eliminates all home care hourly rates, yearly fees, and upcharges that are mandated by the agency. Plan 2 saves the family on average of 45% on home care cost, that alone is awesome. This plan is better suited for seniors that are in need of home care on the average of 4 to 5 days a week with the average of 6 or more hours daily as needed. There will be absolutely no comparison to cost of care you will be saving on If you're setting your own hourly rate, who can give you give you a better deal then yourself?  Watch as the quality care and the quality of life for your loved one improve and your cost of care become much more affordable.              

 Angels of Compassion's goal is to provide a service that will give families, seniors and loved ones a different alternative and solution that will save them money, personalize their care, provide a better quality of care, and improve their quality of life.  Our mission is to help improve, assist, or maintain the quality of life for your loved one, in the comfort of their own home where their dignity, independence, and self-respect remain. Pay less for home care, but receive more quality care.