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Order Form

Follow the 4 steps when placing orders if you have any questions regarding placing your order please call us at 513-829-1186 or email us at info@angelsofcompassion.net 


When filling out your order form copy and paste your order and send it to infor@angelsofcompassion.net.


Once we have received your order form we will send you an invoice that will have the total cost of your order which will require your payment method and signature.


Once you have signed your invoice and apply your payment information with your signature, send it back and we will place your order. In which, we then will send you a final and completed invoice with total billing information along with tracking your item (s) information.


Please remember there will be shipping cost fee for anything under $50 and free for anything over $50 for standard mailing and also a 7% sells tax added to your total cost. Go to shipping category on our page and salet your shipping arrangement to your invoice.



City, State, zip:


phone number:

Item name  


Items number ​​


When you have completed your order form, forward it to info@angelsofcompassion.net. You will receive an invoice asking you to fill out your payment method and signature. Alone the signature line we ask that you place you last 4 of your social number.  You have the option to pay over the phone or to pay online, once you receive your complete invoice.  DO NOT PUT ANY INFORMATION REGARDING YOUR PAYMENT METHOD ANYWHERE ON THIS ORDER FORM ONLY ON YOUR INVOICE ARE YOU TO PLACE YOUR PAYMENT METHOD.