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Lil' Angels 
When it comes to the cost of in-home childcare it can become very costly. Whether your child is in daycare, after-school program, or a childcare facility at the end of the day it all adds up. The benefit of have Lil Angels in-home nanny care is the fact you know what your weekly invoice is going to be. Also if you are running behind, or need to work late you will not be hit fees and upcharges. Plus your childcare providers will have the same duties as a home care provider, meaning that there will be light housekeeping, meal prep, grocery shopping, and more. Angels of Compassion also wants to provide families with different options for obtaining a nanny from Lil' Angels.  

Cost with optations

Option 1

Options 1: This option allows families to set their own hourly rate according to Angels of Compassion policies and guidelines. This options also allows the families to employ the nanny. All requiaitions will be made for you to keep your child care running smoothly and in ourder making life stress free. iThis  plan includes a one time placment fee. which half is due at end of assessment and other half is do first day of work. 

Option 2

Options 2; This option allows families the option of using our home care hourly flat rate. This allows us to cover and replace if nanny quits, or gets sick. This also is good for those parents of 2 children. At any time the family can employ the nanny and pay the one time fee. 


After some researching in the qualification of a nanny. We felt the accountability and the training of a nanny needed to be more and in line with some sort of continue education training.program. Therefore we need to take our time and be very careful about who we hire to provide care for your child. We ask that you allow us up to 7 work days to provide you with the top 2 or 3 nannies as you make your choice to employ.  We also ask that you purchase one of our brick house nanny cams.  Our WiFi hidden nanny cams will allow you to view the care of your child from the comfort of your smartphone or lab top.