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​CueCam Night Vision WiFi Mini Camera

The CueCam offers complete HD remote recording of both audio and video in any lighting conditions. Setup is simple on any mobile device.

SD careds are not included in cost 


·        Easy App Viewing on Both iOS and Android
·        HD 1280x720 Video at 30fps, Night Vision Up to 10 Meters
·        Sleek Design Can Be Discreetly Installed in Any Environment        [CueCam Night Vision WiFi Mini Camera]
The CueCam Night Vision WiFi Mini Camera is a complete remote recording solution all contained in a sleek, compact design. Measuring a mere 1.5" cubed, this tiny camera connects easily to your home or office WiFi network, allowing you to access your video from anywhere with an internet connection. Using the intuitive AIC app, available on both iOS and Android, you're able to stream real-time video in full HD 1280x720 resolution at 30 frames per second. Record continuously or based on motion, and receive alerts whenever movement is detected.

The CueCam contains IR LEDs providing night visibility up to 10 meters. And, with its 120-degree viewing angle, you're able to keep the majority of a room in
the frame. Monitor your nanny or caregiver to ensure that your loved ones are receiving quality care, or keep an eye on your office when you're not around. The CueCam also records audio within a 5-meter range to give you a total picture of what's going on. While you can stream your video live, you can also record to a microSD card (up to 32GB, not included) for additional storage and evidence gathering. The CueCam makes home and office monitoring on the go easy for everyone.
    keep an eye on your baby
Keep an eye on your nanny
talking to your customer
Protect your children