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What do they do?

Here are some things that are included or can be included in your child's Well Check.
1. We view your child 

2.  We inspect your home for
      for uninvited guess by family

3.   We can fix a quick meal if needed
       at family request.

4.    We call the parents with the child
        or childen onec our visit is

5.    Family will be given a name and               photo of peson coming to home

6    Family will be e mail a report of the        the well visit.

7.    You can customise your child well
WELL, CHECKS for children is a reliable safeguard service for parents who have children that are too old for childcare, daycare, babysitter or after school childcare program. Most often these kids are left unattended anywhere from 8-12 hours. This makes them a prime target for predator and mishaps. Also, it is against the law for minors to be home alone unattended for more then 2 hours even if they an older sibling  13 years of age watching them without an adult attendance. In order to provide for their family parents have to work and most do not have the freedom or luxury to leave or call home. A Well Check allows us to go to your home and evaluate your child safety, health, and Wellbeing while you're at work.  It allows us to make sure that your child is safe and well. This service also reassures your child that you're not just leaving them alone. 

Cost and Location 

Because of the nature of our service, your local police department will be contacted on the day of your appointment of our arrival, to put any and all miscommunication of why we are visiting your home.  This service is very affordable at a flat rate of less than $60. There may be some extra fees when it comes to meal prep, please ask when you make your appointment. this service is not offered everywhere at this time please ask about your location by calling 513-829-1186 or email us at info@angelsofcompassion.net.