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BrickHouse KeyChain Hidden Cam:



SD cards are not inclued.
·        Tiny, Portable Design
·        Records High-Resolution 720x480 VideoEasy File Transfer to Any PC
·        Compatible with 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB Micro SD card and adaptor
Keep a High-Quality Covert Video Recorder in Your Pocket

The Brickhouse Car Key Video Recorder is small enough to carry around with your keys without raising any suspicion. This tiny hidden keychain camera provides you with powerful surveillance capabilities, capturing high-resolution snapshots as well as crystal-clear audio and video footage to its built-in DVR. With enough battery power for 90 minutes of recording, just insert a microSD card (not included) and you'll be ready for action.

This tiny camera can store over 16 hours of video to a 32GB microSD card, something that many full-sized cameras can't do. With this completely portable surveillance device, you'll never have to worry about missing an important event again.

Why the BrickHouse Hidden Keychain Camera?
· The best value in hidden cameras
· High-quality video in your hand
· Take it anywhere for video and audio anytime

If you are a woman then this is a good tool to have when are traveling alone. This is an awesome tool for women that is being stalked or harassed by an ex or a stranger. When you can't speak for yourself let this little keychain camera tell your store for you.  
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