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In-Home Nanny Care

It is Angels of Compassion's strongest desire to use Lil' Angels In-Home nanny care in ways that benefit families and their children, as well as the nanny.  There is nothing more valuable to Angels of Compassion than life itself.  The love of a father and mother cannot be compared. Our goal is to provide families reassurance and a shoulder to lean on when they are in search of the right child provider. We understand that families have different needs for child care.     
When children start entering school from kindergarten on up to 6th grade, it's important to find someone you can count on to make sure the kids are out at the bus stop safe and on time and also picked up from the bus on time.  Families usually have to do some juggling around with their work schedule if possible. Most parents must be at work during the time that their child needs to be at the school bus stop for pick up, and most parents are still at work when their child's school bus is dropping them off at the school bus stop. Lil' Angels In-Home nanny care is the perfect match for parents that are in this situation. By having a Lil' Angels nanny, families can rest and be reassured that their child's safety, health, and wellbeing is the top priority. What makes this service so well fitting for families with school-aged little ones, is the fact that your nanny services include meal prep, homework assistance, grocery shopping, arts and crafts, assistance at the park, after-school pick-ups, light housekeeping, errand running, doctor's appointments and more. Also, when your child or children are out for the summer, your nanny will be already established with you and your children's habits. Your nanny will be employed by you, so you will have no need to stress, or worry about your child/children's care. Let us empower your family by providing you the means of employing a nanny from Lil'Angels, saving hundreds on childcare expenses.   

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Infant Care

School Age little ones

Our goal is to provide families with a nanny that is well knowledgable and equipped with the skills of early childhood development. Everything from coloring, writing, ABCs, 123s, arts and crafts, to spelling of a name are very important skills for a toddler to begin knowing, and requirement for nannies in care of toddlers. 
For NEW moms who are up at all times of the day and night with breastfeeding or a crying baby, it can at times become very stressful and frustrating both mentally and physically for both parents.  By providing NEW MOMs with Lil' Angels In-Home nanny care, we can take away these burdens, enhance your rest and recovery both mentally and physically, and provide services beyond your expectations.  How? By providing families with services that include rest and recovery for NEW MOMs, transportation, meal prep, errand running, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, feedings, bathing, changing baby, mopping, dusting and more.  These services allow Lil' Angels to provide families the well-deserved rest, recovery, and relaxation that's truly needed. For new moms who are dreading that horrible day of returning back to work, we truly understand your fears, stress, and worries. We know just how precious your baby is to you. That is why Lil'Angels has made it a requirement that every family will be provided up to 3 disguised nanny cams unbeknownst to the nanny.    This nanny cam allows families to view, and hear the care of your child anywhere in the US from the convenience of your smartphone or laptop.