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HD 1080P Water Bottle Hidden Camera WATER-BOTTLE-CAM

Captures up to 180 minutes of 1080p HD video on a single charge of the built-in
·        Supports Motion Detection Recording              
·        Up to 64GB Memory
·        Food Grade PET Plastic
Covertly Record Your Surroundings Without Detection 

The Water Bottle Hidden Camera is the perfect way to covertly capture what’s happening around you without suspicion. The water bottle features a hidden camera that can record continuously or with motion activated recording, capturing up to 180 minutes of footage on a single charge of the
build in rechargeable battery. The camera supports up to 64GB of additional memory, which is not included.  

The bottle is made of
food grade PET plastic, which means it is completely safe for storing water for consumption. 10 replaceable labels are also included so you can carry the bottle on different occasions without looking like you’re carrying the same bottle every time.
·        Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio.

$38.95 Plus SD charge.

Order online or call 513-829-1186
There nothing more hurtful than accusing the wrong person of stilling from you. So, let's make sure that you find the right person, and put an end to it. This is the perfect tool for high school teachers to monitor their classroom.