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Protecting your family and your home 

When it comes to protecting ourselves and our loved ones we must take it very seriously. Every 15 minutes a child is abducted from home, every 30 minutes a senior is abused by the nursing home staff, or their caregiver,  1 out of 5 homes will have some sort of property damage or stolen and if you live in an apartment the chance that someone will try to break into it is about a 25% chance. For Angels of Compassion caring for others goes far beyond the doors of Home Care and Child Care, it's about caring for the safety and well being for all, no matter if you are at home or at work we want to help you protect your family and your self. Angels of Compassion has now taken on the role of becoming an independent sells contractor for a very well known for its security product company called Brick House Security.   Although we sell their products we do not work for them and they do not work for us and we are not obligated to sell their products at their prices. Therefore we can reassure you the most affordable cost. Because the products are Brick House Security ALL service problems, set-up and equipment issues must be addressed to Brick House Security. ​​​​