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There nothing more special and rewarding than friendship, or some would call it companionship. We all can use a good friend. Angels of Compassion companionship services provide families with the opportunity of finding a true friend for mom or dad. You know, one of the hardest things to do for some people is to make new friends. Having a friend that your mom or dad can relate to can make a difference from wanting to live or die. We are humans and humans were made to fellowship with one another. It never was God's intenion for us to be completely alone.  

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Why Companionship?

Angels of Compassion Companionship services is provides a rate that is comfortable to the family. Our low houly rate stats at $18.99 per hour. 
 Companionship is very important to every living person on earth. We all have the need to communicate with one another some more than others.  Whether you're young or old, rich or poor we all desire companionship. Although companionship is not a medically cure for a desire is a need to fight against some mental defects.
It is very important that you provided some information regarding your loved one. Things like what is their interest, do they like reading, card games, TV shows, walking or telling stories. Next, their age, a 20-year-old can not really relate to some of the things of a 60-year-old person. Some people may prefer a male or a female so make sure you make that known. Companionship services have been known to help prevent loneliness, depression, suicide, and comfort in grieving.