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Bird Feeder WiFi Hidden Camera

B-Link Secure Cellular WiFi Camera Connector   $99.00
This WiFi hidden camera allows you to check in on your home or office's exterior from anywhere with an internet connection.
High Definition 1280x720 Video                                       [Bird Feeder WiFi Hidden Camera]                                                      
  Invisible IRs for Night Vision Recording
  Perfect Exterior, Any Time Monitoring                    


The SG Home WiFi Bird Feeder Night Vision Hidden Camera is an ideal solution for covert property monitoring. Housed in a bird feeder that wouldn't look out of place in the yard of any home or business, this unit features a high definition camera capable of recording 1280 x 720 HD video, 940 invisible IRs for night vision recording, a 125-degree field of view and custom recording modes including body heat and motion activated recording. All of these features are specifically designed to give you the most important footage, and to ensure that that footage is of the highest possible quality, day and night. This outdoor hidden camera's impressive battery can last for 90 days in standby mode or 16 hours of continuous recording.

What sets this SG Home hidden camera apart from its peers, however, is its WiFi connectivity. This camera connects to your network almost instantly, allowing you to check in on your property from any internet-connected device. Check in on your home or office any time of day, or take advantage


SD card is not included in cost.

while you are away from your home or inside your home, you can see everyone who comes within view. No matter where you're at you can view your home from your smartphone and call the police without being there and without notice to the intruder. 
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