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High-End Stylish Glasses DVR Camera

#007 DVR290


This stylish bodyworn camera with built-in digital video recorder is impossible to detect
·        Built-in 720p HD Camera with DVR          
·        Lightweight and Stylish Frames

These High-End Covert Eyeglasses Combine Style with Surveillance

No one would suspect that you're wearing the ultimate in portable surveillance. Capture important footage anywhere while wearing these stylish glasses. Need a quick leave-behind cam? Place them on a table or even set them on your car's dashboard. It's hard to believe that professional grade surveillance can be this simple.

With the Stylish Glasses DVR Camera you can easily:

·        Capture footage in high definition anywhere you go
·        Go virtually undetected wearing attractive everyday eyeglasses
·        Record continuous video or take snapshots

What makes the Stylish Glasses DVR Camera different from other covert models?

More realistic and fashionable than other models
Professional grade surveillance
Truly high-end glasses include a stylish carrying case

Note: that this camera does not record audio.
Due to federal regulations, this camera does not record audio.

Why take a camra when you can take your glasses to record or take snap shots of family fun. 
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